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guide to choosing envelopes

what to think about

regular giving

one-off gifts

other special uses

stretching your budget

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what to think about

When deciding on the best envelopes for you, consider the following two questions:

What type of collection is it?

For regular givers?

• For one-off donations?

How fancy do you want it to be?

• Straightforward and economical?

• Colourful and unique, with your own logo or artwork?


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regular giving



boxed sets

Numbered and dated envelopes supplied as boxed sets are by far the most popular choice for encouraging regular giving.

Capturing Gift Aid on such donations is vital where possible, hence the inclusion of the number, which has two purposes:

• It provides an audit trail to the donor for Gift Aid reclaim purposes
• It is discreet. No-one except the treasurer and maybe one other officer knows to whom that number relates.


The date also has two purposes:

• It acts as a reminder to give
• It acts as a record of the date of the gift


To order your boxed sets click here.

You may also be interested in our boxed sets FAQ here

special collections

Envelopes for special collections such as Easter, Christmas and Holy Days can be included in all our boxed sets. More information is available here.

These specifications can become complex. Sets with special envelopes are therefore not available to order online, but do contact us if you would like to discuss your requirement.


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one-off or occasional gifts

Don’t let the Gift Aid get away on any donation you receive, even from someone completely new to your church or charity. Capture it by encouraging donors to place their gift into an envelope bearing a completed Gift Aid declaration.

The straightforward solution

Use our standard Gift Aid envelopes with our declaration. These are a no-fuss option delivering exceptional value, especially at smaller quantities.  

untitled Gift Aid envelopes 

These are for real budget-beating, but remember they must bear the name of your church or charity to be valid for tax reclaim purposes. Stamp or type it but ensure it is on there. Order here.

customised Gift Aid envelopes

Save time and allow us to print your heading. A bi-lingual option in Welsh and English is also available at no extra cost.   Also consider an illustration. Order here.

premium customised Gift Aid envelopes

These are just the same as customised envelopes but include, for a slight premium, the facility to add your logo in any colour or colours including full colour. This option also works well for complicated black images which fall beyond the scope of our regular customised Gift Aid envelopes.  Order here


Please note that all our standard Gift Aid envelopes above are designed to keep costs down. Aside from our premium option, aspects such as ink colour and scope to use anything other than the simplest logos are restricted. Our prices cover:

• black ink and simple line drawings only (unless premium customised)
• standard declaration wording, no changes,
• no proofs, although these are available at extra cost.


You may also be interested in our Gift Aid envelope FAQ here.


Not quite what you want? Maybe then you need…  

something special

This is the best choice for a tailored envelope with your own special wordings and artwork to support a corporate identity. Read more here.


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other special uses

We can produce loose envelopes for any special purpose. For ease of choice, we have a range of standard designs for children and seasonal uses, plus four popular designs to help with Special Collections, Mass Offerings and other types of collections.  These can all be ordered online here.

Don’t feel restricted by these though. If you would like a different wording, just get in touch and we’ll be pleased to quote and process an order for you. 


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stretching your budget

The following tips will help stretch every pound, whether choosing envelopes for regular or one-off gifts. This and the following section will be of particular interest to smaller parishes and charities. 

order it all together

Ordering Gift Aid envelopes and boxed sets separately means extra administration and carriage expense. Pop everything on the same order for best value.

Ordering from two separate companies amplifies this further with management of extra relationships added into the mix. So if you’re not already ordering all your envelope requirements from us, do call for an offer you can’t refuse!

plan ahead and order in time

Avoid rush charges by ordering your envelopes in good time.

Ideally you should allow 28 days for customised Gift Aid envelopes, although delivery is usually well within this period. Boxed sets should be ordered at least ten weeks in advance of your start date.

Any customised work needed within two weeks of ordering will attract a rush charge. The less time we have, the higher this charge will be, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

keep it simple

The simpler your requirement, the less it will cost you. Don’t produce complex coloured artwork if you have a tight budget and only need 1,000 envelopes. We have a range of generic options to suit most requirements. Choose one of these for the very best value.

For the best pricing, only consider developing your own artwork if you plan to order 5,000 envelopes or more.


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options for smaller customers

split your order

Split orders reduce unit costs, save on carriage, reduce wastage and enable you to buy at today’s price. They are particularly suited to the smaller customer. Our modern digital set-up enables us to split an order and deliver extra value for a minimal extra outlay. 

a split by date

Applicable if you require numbered and dated sets. Meet our minimum order size of 30 sets by ordering more than one year at a time. An example would be two lots of 15 or 20 sets, each starting in consecutive years.

a split by heading

Relevant for boxed sets and Gift Aid envelopes. Join with another church or group and order together. We can print many headings within a single order. Also consider this if you need more than one heading for your Gift Aid envelopes. 


Envelope colour changes and numbering re-sets are all available as part of a split order. A single split adds £7.50 to your order, two splits costs £12.50. More than this would involve special pricing. 

Due to their complexity, splits are not available for order online, but don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, post or email if this sounds like the right option for you.


More options for boxed sets

economy style

This is a do-in-yourself option for making up boxed sets using the same high quality envelopes as for regular sets. Find out more here.

week 1, week 2 dating

The dating system that doesn’t date your envelopes! This style ensures your sets last as long as you need them to with no wastage. Week 1, week 2 dating can be specified at the ordering stage on any style of weekly boxed set. Find out more here.


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design your own

need something extra special? Let us produce beautiful envelopes from your own artwork. Perfect for promoting your corporate ID.

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Fund FilerTM

make your Gift Aid reclaims easy. Use Fund Filer to keep track of all your donors and donations and reclaim online in just a few clicks. Quick, accurate and HMRC compliant reclaims every time. Start your 6 week free trial today.

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